November 25, 2015

Buffalo Horn Crafts


Native Americans are known for using nearly every part of an animal, especially the American Buffalo (or Bison). We often discuss many craft items here at Native Ideas and the materials you will need to make them. We wanted to touch upon Buffalo Horns, including where to find them and how to use them in your crafts.

People use buffalo horns to make all kinds of items, from every day utensils to unique artwork or jewelry. You can find authentic buffalo horns a number of places, eCanyons included. Buffalo horns are generally inexpensive and allow you to create more authentic Native American crafts. Water buffalo horns are more commonly used today, as they are easily found and the price is generally low. You can use a water buffalo horn to create simpler items, such as a powder horn, or even craft them into spoons or knives. If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you might have seen the bone fishhook necklaces that are so common on those islands. They also known as a makau. Many of these pendants are made of buffalo horn, as it provides the strength and versatility of bone but is darker and creates a sharp contrast. You don’t have to use your buffalo horn to make a Hawaiian makau of course, this is just one example of the wonderful types of jewelry you can create with buffalo horn. You can work to shape buffalo horn into whatever you wish to craft, from something unique that fits your personality to more authentic Native American styles.

You could find buffalo horn arrowheads or maybe buffalo horn beads. These are examples of Native American style crafts that have been made using buffalo horn. You don’t have to carve your own Buffalo Horn items of course. There are many places to find buffalo horn bowls, knives or spoons. You can even find a buffalo horn comb over at eCanyons! That’s right, many every day objects are sometimes available in buffalo horn. It is strong and versatile, as well as visually pleasing and pleasing to the touch. Pick up a buffalo horn and find your own unique use for it.

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