November 25, 2015

Creating an Arrowhead Necklace

Arrowheads have always been a favorite Native American craft item, though people are often left wondering what to do with them. Unless you are looking to stock up on some actual arrows, a necklace is a great item to make out of your arrowhead.


What you’ll need…

- An arrowhead
- Some Beads
- Suede Lace
- Glue (optional)

Cut your suede length to a suitable length for a necklace. I would recommend making it 4-6 inches longer than you actual want your necklace to be, that will give you some extra room to work with.

Next we want to attach our arrowhead to the suede lace. You will want the arrowhead in the center of your lace. You can glue your arrowhead to the leather as an extra precaution, though make sure it is appropriate glue and not just something like white elmer’s. A hot glue gun works well. Add the glue around the base of the arrowhead where the lace will be wrapped.

Wrap the arrowhead with the suede lace. I like to criss cross the suede lace around the base of the arrowhead. I recommend tying a square not to keep the arrowhead in place after it has been wrapped several times with the lace.

Thread your beads onto the lace on either side of the arrowhead. I don’t recommend too many, as the arrowhead itself is a fine decoration. Maybe just a few beads on either side of the arrowhead to compliment it.

Tie the necklace around your neck! Yes it is that easy. Leaving the extra leather, rather than trimming it, is usually a good idea if you want to be untying and tying the arrowhead necklace frequently.


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